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  • In search of the problem solver, the many faced god, and the project chief.

    The Problem Solver

    a.k.a. UI/UX Designer

    The Project Chief

    a.k.a. Project Manager

    The Many Faced God

    a.k.a. Junior Web Developer

  • Who we are


    We’re a team of passionate people who love to take on innovative challenges. The web is our tool in the change we aspire to make; we seek to use and contribute to improving it without moderation. Our multidisciplinary approach provides a solution based on business knowhow, design management, user experience, and top-notch web development.

    What we believe in


    We believe in the potential that technology and the web have to offer. We strive for a better web by building exceptional solutions that constantly challenge the status quo and provide visionaries with the tools that help them make a bigger impact. We've collaborated with people around the Middle East, Africa, and North America, and we hope to expand our network of partners around the globe.

    Friends and partners


    Greatness can only be achieved when we work together. This goes for clients and collaborators alike; we are all partners in the same mission. For this, we’re constantly on the lookout for people who share our vision and want to join us in flooding the web with awesomeness!

    Our playbook


    We write code for fun! This means we enjoy experimentation and innovation; we cannot rest if it’s “just another job” and we’re stuck doing the same thing. We’re always looking for and adopting the latest techniques and best practices that make each project unique. Our goal is to ship fast and never stop iterating; the product is alive and should never stop evolving.

  • We provide the best user experience there is. 



    Single-page apps


    The potential offered by the web today allows the creation of beautiful and powerful software. Although completely web-based, it provides the comfort of using smooth native applications. For once, web designers are actually amazed by the developers’ work!


    Device-agnostic design and development


    Although responsive web design has been the norm for a while now, it’s still worth mentioning that we always consider multi-breakpoint pages. We also give special attention to optimizations for touch, retina displays, responsive images, and mobile optimized animations.


    Our technology of choice: Ember.js


    Using Ember.js with a Ruby on Rails api ensures an agile, robust, scalable, and performant web-app that people will enjoy. This is how the web will bring you closer to achieving your mission: these apps will change the way people experience software.

  • Open Source

    We believe in the power of people coming together contributing to projects to revolutionize the way we work. Simply put, we love open source and we can’t imagine doing any work without being part of the open source community.

  • Here's a selection of web apps we enjoyed creating.



    Budget management made for project teams.

    Read more here.


    Your social calendar for events in Lebanon

    Check it out here!

    Case Management

    Real time monitoring for a greater impact

    Track Logic

    Get your billables under control

  • Connect with us!


    Have a project in mind? Shoot us an email at hello@gtlogic.com

    For a quick chat +961 4 52 55 32

    If you feel like dropping by

    Centre Azar 3rd floor, Rabieh, Bekfaya Main Road, Lebanon