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Simply put, we create amazing products. 

What truly separates gtlogic from their competition is they are not simply ‘yes’ people. With gtlogic, you’re partnering with a team whose DNA is to behave like an extension of your team. They often bring ideas, perform in-depth research, teach your team best practices, and work hard to understand and learn your industry and needs. They do everything with a can-do attitude and always put their client’s best interests first. I couldn’t ask for a better partner.

Tiffany Hudspeth, VP of Product Management
Vimly Benefits Solutions

Our partnership takes many forms:
transformation, innovation, and consulting.


We partner up with companies who have a proven track record in the market and realize that their product needs a rewrite with optimized user experience and new technology to keep up with the market. We team up with your staff and implement a low-risk strategy to gradually revamp the solution and eventually replace the legacy product with a new and improved version, ready for aggressive growth. Whether you’re aiming for a service approach, white labeling, or a SaaS model, we guarantee you’ll have the product quality that will pave the way to market dominance and impressive long term ROI.


We also specialize in analyzing the problem you are trying to solve for your customers and creating the perfect solution from scratch. gtlogic can partner up with you from the very first steps of ideation, all the way through user research, experience and interface design, development, optimization, maintenance, and growth. If your business is still an idea and it’s time for you to make it a reality, our teams will work hand in hand with yours to translate your conceptual solution into the best tangible product that you and your customers are dreaming of.

Tech & Design Consulting

We consult with businesses that have an existing in-house team working with the latest technology, and are in need of expert guidance to help turn their product curve around and extend its lifetime. Our expert designers and developers can join your team, fine-tune the work processes, and transfer the necessary knowledge to make sure the product’s experience as well as internal engines are running at optimal capacity. These temporary assignments will give your team the opportunity to establish the necessary top-notch processes and get acquainted with state-of-the-art standards to take the project forward after the partnership is completed.

Have a look at some of our projects, a combination of transformation, innovation, and consulting.

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